Humne kaati hai (Hariharan) – Dil Nasheen (Lyrics and Meaning)

Youtube link to a beautiful rendition of the ghazal by hariharan- Humne kaati hai

Humne kaati hai teri yaad mein raatein aksar 

Dil se guzari hai sitaaron ki baraatein aksar 

I have often spent nights reminiscing you

Starry (glistening) processions have often crossed my heart (in doing so)

Aur to kaun hai jo mujhko tassali deta 

Haath rakh deti hai dil par teri baatein aksar 

Who else would (sit by my side and) console me? 

 But for your words that often felt like a consoling hand caressing my aching heart

Humse ek baar bhi jeeta hai na jeetega koi 

Wo to hum jaan ke khaa lete hain maatein aksar 

No one had and no one ever will be able to claim victory over me

Its is just that I often intentionaly lose to others

Unse poocho kabhi chehre bhi padhein hain tumne 

Jo kitaabon ki kiya karte hain baatein aksar

Ask them if they have ever read a face (the stories behind the faces) 

Who often keep talking about the (tales from) books 

This is where the ghazal in the album Dil-nasheen ends. However the original ghazal by Jaan Nisaar Akhtar has more compelling couplets. (I guess the album probably just picked the lines that were easier to understand, but the other couplets in my opinion sound more beautiful). The rest of the couplets go as :

Husn shaaist-e-tehzeeb-e-alam hai shayad

Ghamzada lagti hai kyun chaandni raatein aksar

Beauty probably is polished by the manners of sadness

Else why do beautiful full moon nights often feel melancholic? 

Haal kehna hai kisi se to mukhaatib hai koi

Kitni dilchasp hua karti hain baatein aksar

I want to express my feelings to someone, and I address them to someone else

Feelings are often so interesting (when expressed) 

Ishq raahzan na sahi, ishq ke haathon fir bhi 

Humne luTti hui dekhi hain baraatein askar

Love is not a burglar but still in the hands of love

I have often seen many a processions robbed (of their happiness, pomp and show)

Humne un tund hawaaon mein jalaaye hain chiraag

Jin hawaaon ne ulat di hain bisaatein aksar 

I have lit up lamps in such violent winds 

The winds which have often overturned expanding empires 


Naam likh kar (Humnasheen) – Lyrics and Meaning

Naam likh kar wo mera reith pe mita dega
Yaad aa jaane ki wo mujhko yun sazaa dega

Humne boyi nahi is saal dushmani ki fasal,
Shayad is baar koi dost hi daga dega.

Kuch is tarah se hai shaamil meri mitti mein hasi
Chooke dekho mera har zakhm muskuraa dega.

He will write my name on sand and wipe it off,
that is how he will punish me for coming into his memories.

I did not plant the crops of enmity this year
Probably this time a friend will betray me.

That is how happiness is present in me (literally my soil)
Touch and see, all my wounds will start smiling.

Another one from the same album Humnasheen. Here’s the link : Naam likh kar

Kuch rishtey (Humnasheen) – Lyrics and Meaning

Kuch rishtey ta-umr agar benaam rahein to achcha hai
Aankhon aankhon mein hi kuch paighaam rahein to achcha hai

Suna hai manzil milte hi uski chaahat mar jaati hai
Gar ye sach hai to fir hum naakaam rahein to achcha hai

Jab mera humdum mere dil ko naa pehchaan saka
Phir aisi duniya mein hum gumnaam rahein to achcha hai

It is better if some relationships remain nameless for a lifetime, It is better that some messages remain confined to the eyes.

(I have) heard that the desire to achieve a goal dies once it’s achieved, if that is true then its better I remain unsuccessful in achieving it.

When my beloved could not understand my heart, then it is better I go unnoticed in such a world.

Simple. Unnamed relationships, unspoken words, that “what now?” feeling once you arrive at a destination – they are not strangers to anyone who has lived long enough.

Every line in the ghazal unfolds like puffs of air from an autumn morning, clean and crisp, like there is nothing to hide, enjoy and move on. The lines I think are well written ( by Manoj Muntashir), the music and the ghazal overall probably missed the point. I like Shreya Ghoshal’s voice, but somehow I feel it lacks the depth needed for ghazals / songs like this one. Nevertheless, link to the song in case you want to give it a try or if you think otherwise 🙂 : Kuch rishtey




Chand Parosa Hai – Lyrics


Yaad hai baarishon ka din pancham….


Yaad hai baarishon ka din ,Jab pahadi ke neeche waadi mein dhundh se jhaank kar nikalti hui rail ki patriyaan guzarti thi

dhundh mein aise lag rahe the hum , jaise do paudhe saath baithe ho

hum bahut der tak wahan baithe us musaafir ka zikr karte rahe

jisko aana tha pichle shab lekin , jiske aumad ka waqt talta raha

der tak patriyon par  baithe hue rail ka intezaar karte rahe

rail aayi na uska waqt hua , aur tum yun hi do kadam chalkar dhundh par paanv rakh ke chal bhi diye

Main akela hoon dhundh mein pancham……


Lambi umrein….


Lambi umrein pahaadon ki , kaTti nahi humse ek raat ye jaadon ki

Lambe painde dariyaaon ke , laut ke na aaye bajre alte dhul gaye paanv ke

Lambe kad hai darakhton ke , udte nahi lamhe par kat gaye waqton ke

Lamba mausam patjhad ka , pakki umeedein hain patta girta nahi badh ka

Lambe yaadon ke taage hain , ek sadi peeche do yug aur aage hain

Lambi belein hain yaadon ki , khwaab lambe saawan ke neend gehri hai bhaado ki

Lambi lat aabshaaran di , maindiyaan bana maayein gutkar motiyaara de

Lambi saans jo li yaaron , ek umr udhadhne lagi baat uski chali yaaron


KKaanch ke peeche ….


Kaanch ke peeche chaand bhi tha , aur kaanch ke upar kaayi bhi

Teeno the hum wo bhi the aur main bhi tha tanhayi bhi

Do do shaklein  dikhti hai is behke se aaine mein

Mere saath chala aaya hai aapka ek saudayi bhi

khamoshi ka aas bhi ek lambi si khamoshi thi

Unki baat suni bhi humne apni baat sunayi bhi


Dekha Mujhe to shaam ka ….


Dekha mujhe to shaam ka chehra utar gaya,

Leta hua tha kabr mein aur din guzar gaya

Aawaz goonjti hui , paazeb ki gayi ,

Dariya mein tairta hua , koi bhanvar gaya

Jo shaks har gunaah mein shaamil tha mere saath ,

Har roz uth ke poochta hoon , wo kidhar gaya

Jab kisi se gila rakhna – jagjit singh ( Lyrics and meaning)

Jab kisi se koi gila rakhna , saamne apne aaina rakhna 

(Whenever you have a complaint against anyone, make sure you have a mirror in front of you)

Yun ujaalon se waasta rakhna , shama ke paas hi hawa rakhna

(Have such a relationship with light , make sure you have a source of wind near the flame)

Ghar ki taameer chaahe jaisi ho , ismein rone ki kuch jagah rakhna

(No matter how the house has been built (constructed) , leave some space in it to cry )

Masjidein hai namaziyon ke liye , apne ghar mein kahin khuda rakhna

(Mosques are for those who read the namaaz, Somewhere in your house let the Lord reside)

Milna julna jahan zaruri ho , Milne julne ka hausala rakhna

(Wherever meeting and greeting is necessary , have some courage to meet and greet the other person)

Uski hasrat ( Lyrics and Meaning) – Ghazal by Jagjit singh and Chitra Singh

Uski hasrat hai , jise dil se mita bhi na sakoon I cannot erase that wish to be with her  from my heart

Dhoondhne usko chala hoon jise paa bhi na sakoon  I am looking for someone who I know can never be mine

Meherbaan ho ke bula lo mujhe chaaho jis waqt But you can call me whenever you please

Main gaya waqt nahi hoon , ki fir aa bhi na sakoon I am not lost time , that I cannot come back to you

Daal kar khaak mere khoon pe qaatil ne kaha My murderer after covering my blood with ashes said

Kuch ye mehindi nahi meri ke chupa bhi na sakoon Its not the red henna on my hand that I cannot hide it.

Zeher milta hi nahi mujhko sitamgar warna  I cannot  find  poison otherwise 

Kya kasam hai tere milne ki ke khaa bhi na sakoon Its not like that promise that we will meet again , that I would not keep it.

Uske pehloon mein jo le jaake dil ko When my heart is close to my beloved

Neend aisi use aaye ki jagaa bhi na sakoon It sleeps so peacefully that I do not wish to wake it.

Its really hard to find perfect words that can express the meaning of the song in english. All I did was tried to translate it literally so that one gets at the very least a feeling of whats being said.

Its actually the story of a broken heart, a heart that truly loves someone but cannot stay with his/her beloved. He loves her but cannot be with her , he keeps looking for her  though he knows he will not be able to find her. But still he tells her , she can call him whenever she wants , and that he is not like time , that once gone you can never have it back. He refers to her as his murderer or the murderer of his love , and says , she covered my blood after my murder with ashes , and mockingly  said , this blood is not like the henna on my hand that cannot be hidden. ( Henna is generally applied on the hands of the bride during marriages, referring probably to the girl getting married to someone else and thus killing his love ) …

Its just that I cannot find poison otherwise I would have taken it right away. Poison is  not like the promise that we will  meet again which is so difficult to make and keep. When my heart is with you it sleeps so peacefully that I do not feel like waking it up, let it stay with you forever…….