A Hug…

The tenderness, the affection, the care, the safety, the trust that comes with a hug, one can find all of it here. Beautifully captured.
I am not sure if these pictures are in chronological order, I would like to assume they are. From being scared (in the 2nd picture) to looking right into the camera (in the last picture). Looks like a hug was all the little one needed to cross that mountain of doubt between fear and confidence.

Living with a damaged skull


           Hugging is the ideal gift.

               Great for any occasion, fun to give and receive,

                    shows you care, comes with its own wrapping and,

                    of course, is fully returnable. Hugging is practically perfect.

                       No batteries to wear out, inflation-proof, nonfattening,

                        no monthly payments, theft-proof and nontaxable.”

                                                                         ~~ Unknown

_POP2096 copy


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Infographic Photography Tutorial

I understand most of the settings on manual mode of my camera now, but that came with a lot of experimenting. The experimenting is of course necessary but I feel these cheat sheets can speed up the learning process. These give more insight into each setting, and the pictographic representation of different settings is very helpful, especially if for ones who are just starting their photographic journey 🙂

av on cruise control

I was trying to explain Tips and Tricks of Photography in DSLR to somebody and then I bumped into these nice Little Infographic sheets that helps one understand how to get better shots. 

kWAJo (1)





























source – http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/cheetsheets-for-photographers/

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The frosty globe is fleeting.

I might not be able to give myself a reason to love temperatures so low, but after reading this piece, I definitely have a good reason not to hate them. Thanks for the sharing some of the positive impacts of the whole “polar vortex” phenomena 🙂

Confined light, liberated words

Happy Thursday everyone,

I had considered spending some time in this post to address the few yet loud-mouthed remarks about how the current extreme southward flow of the jet stream, called a “polar vortex” by many, is direct proof of climate change being false, made-up and a general waste of time and money.

Those of you reading this are smart enough to go beyond such desperate statements, right? I won’t give climate deniers the luxury of having me address their ignorance and arrogance – they will take any short-term event or unrelated situation to further their largely blank and scattered agenda. They will continue as they were regardless of widespread and virtually unanimous agreement on long-term and accelerating climate change. While they wait for chemical warfare or perhaps geo-engineering to further their economic and one-sided (and one-species) interests, the rest of us continue to work hard finding local and scalable…

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Jan Gan Man

Couldn’t have expressed it better! To 66 years of independence, to the country where I was born, to the country where I feel at home, to India….

Science of Confusion

I shy away from the jingoistic version of patriotism and other forms of total bias to ones birth nation. After all, to be born of a certain nationality is nothing but an accident, a mere coincidence. We have no control over what our nationality of birth can be or should be. So the extreme bias, the chest-thumping fervor, and the feel of superiority (or inferiority) for one’s nation somehow eludes me.  I merely go by the fact that I was born within the geographical boundaries of India and to parents who were born and raised within India. But generally speaking, I consider myself a resident of this planet who happens to be born in India.

When I express this to other Indians, I almost always get criticized as someone who is ashamed of identifying oneself as an “Indian”. It is difficult to make these people understand that this position of…

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