Weekly Photo Challenge : Relax


The first picture that comes to mind when I hear “relax” is lying down on a sandy beach, a warm day, sky – the perfect shade of blue, soft floating clouds and the soothing sound of breaking waves.  🙂

But then somedays, a patio with enough light to read and enough shade to slip into an afternoon nap, warm sun on the back and  cool water on the side,  a pillow to rest on and a  book to read on .. is more than enough to “relax” 🙂

My entry for the weekly photo challenge: Relax

Weekly Photo Challenge : Half-Light


The tide was low, and it was dawn and while the pompous sun prepared for a grand opening of the day  with chirping birds and blooming flowers, lighting up the sky, dotted with staggered arrays of orange tinted clouds, the embarrassed moon with its borrowed light descended gradually to conclude the night, almost unnoticed, disappearing silently into the horizon. And while I have always waited for the sun rise, this one time I chose to keep the moon company as it set, and I am glad I did.  

Moon set at low tide, Cape Cod Bay, MA.

My entry for the weekly photo challenge : Half-Light


Weekly Photo Challenge : Time


In response to the weekly photo challenge : time

I came across this tree trunk in the coast redwood forest, Muir Woods in San Francisco, CA.

 I am not sure how many rings this big guy has, but it is estimated that some trees in this forest are several hundred years old. Each ring is a reminder of the years that this tree has witnessed probably the times before Columbus set foot in America and then the gold rush, and probably the world wars….if only trees could speak we could all learn history from an observer’s perspective….and have a more accurate account of “TIME”.

Weekly Photo Challenge : On the way



On the way to my PhD. defense presentation, I was sifting through papers all along, working on my presentation and as I decided to give my eyes a break, I looked out of the aircraft window. I thought from preparing so many flowcharts and reading so many papers about atoms and molecules, I was actually seeing spheres, squares and rectangles everywhere. But I soon realized this was real, and it looked like someone was playing a grand Othello game 🙂

If you are still wondering what they are, they are circular fields of corn, soy and wheat in the U.S. Midwest! At first I wondered why would someone plant crops in circles wasting the land on the edges, but turns out they are sacrificing a small amount of their produce to conserve the more precious fresh water that is used to water these crops (using a technique called central pivot irrigation which makes the water more readily available for the crops, reduces evaporation from the surface and so also reduces water usage!)

(A better picture and description is available here. )

In response to the weekly photo challenge : On the way