Weekly Photo Challenge : Ephemeral


One of those quiet evenings where I got to enjoy a beautiful sunset, and relive some childhood memories – stone skipping at the Herring Cove Beach, Cape Cod.

The splashing of water as the stones kissed the surface of water was ephemeral, so was the distant sunset and so were the zillion ripples that dance to the tune of the breeze and so is everything else. Everything probably is ephemeral, it all depends on what  “a short time” means to you, could be a second, an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year, a century….or beyond.

(in response to the weekly photo challenge)

Weekly Photo Challenge : Fresh


Sharing some crunchy fresh strawberries and magnolia bud getting ready for spring


( only if I could share the taste of those juicy strawberries and the scent of magnolia which fills up the air,  with the same ease – because freshness is not just about what you see, it’s an experience :) )  


Weekly photo challenge : Rule of Thirds

Three amazing birds and the Rule of Thirds

A sparrow, a gull and a Canada goose….birds bold and adaptable, that keep us company all through the year, through the cold winter and the hot summer.IMG_7727



My favorite are the sparrows though, small and cute, hopping around lawns and balconies. They live in peace adding a little chirpy song to the early mornings, idle afternoons and serene evenings.

(as opposed to the Canada geese, that can get aggressive when threatened, and sea gulls that can literally snatch your food from your hands when hungry)